Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Brand New Year!!!

Time to start a new!
I know I haven't been consistent with this whole blogging thing, but hey! I'll get used to it!

I don't know about the rest of the world, but for me this week has been my first week back after winter break. Since it's the start of a new and sure to be glorious year, I've decided to try to be a better me! For example I made sure i dressed up and felt cute every day this week (rather than giving up and wearing something plain and sloppy like i sometimes do).

Here they are:

Monday (no school!):

Tuesday (first day back, kept it cute and simple):

Wednesday (bold + funky + bright + fun)

Thursday (I love crazy prints!)
Friday (kept it fun and went a bit more summer-ish):

It was a pretty fun week! Even if i did fall asleep in pretty much every single one of my classes ^_^
(oops!) But anywho, i have a good feeling about this year! 2012 is gonna be B-AWESOME*!!


P.s. I will be post my New Years Resolutions soon!

*(translation: beyond + awesome)

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  1. I love ALL of these!! :) My all time favorite is probably Wednesday! You are gorgeous!