Tuesday, November 1, 2011

" You Go Glen Coco! "

Can anyone name that movie? It's MEAN GIRLS! (easily one of the most quotable movies ever!)

Well, any who, I've been thinking about doing something new. . . something different and extreme for me. The most obvious thing for me do was to get my hair cut! I am. . . uh, i mean,  WAS obsessed with my hair – to the point where I wouldn't let people even style it! And so. . . I CUT IT ALL OFF!

Okay, okay! Not literally. But dang is it pretty short!

I like it! I wasn't sure I would, but I've decided that I really do! It's kinda classy looking I think. Though I will admit: I will be NOT wearing any T-shirts and jeans with this hair style! Trust me, I totally look like one of those classic Chunky-Boy-Curly-Heads that seem to be in every little boy gang movie:

* Okay, so i was trying to dress like a little chubby boy (Chuckie Finster) at the time but still! It's ridiculous!  *

The funny thing is that a lot of people haven't noticed right away! I walked up to my friends and they were all like “oh like what you did to your hair” and I was like “thanks!” and then one of them looked at me suddenly and was all: “WAIT! DID YOU CUT IT?” and I wanted to be all sarcastic and be like “NOOOOooooo! I just died the tips invisible!” but instead said yeah. Then they flipped.

It was especially fun since I hadn't warned any of them about it. A lot of them couldn't believe I had the guts to just go for it, and a lot of others gushed and said they thought it was “adorable”. ADORABLE being the key word here! 

This is key since, as I said in my last post, I couldn't even pass for a high school student and I AM a high school student! But apparently I look a bit younger with this hair cut which is funny (usually people look older). So, WOO HOO FOR ME! I can't tell you how sick I am of being mistaken for a parent rather than a kid!

So THAT, my friends, is what this whole post it about today! Doing something that is “Yea Me!” worthy! I went a bit crazy and cut off a pound of hair, but you? YOU can do something crazy for YOU! Maybe it's time to finally wear out that shirt you love but aren't sure you can pull off! Or perhaps you can break out that dress during the week rather than waiting for Sunday church or the next dance to wear it out! Today could be the day to go out and show people a different side of you!

You GO Glen CoCo! You can do it! Just go for it!

Maybe you won't love it, maybe it'll be a flop, or maybe it'll only convince you that you should never do it again but HEY! You can at least say you tried it out! I honestly make a million mistakes (both in fashion and in life in general), but it's okay 'cause now I know! Trust me when I tell you that it is so totally worth it!

Good Luck to All!


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  1. I love your hair and I love your "I just died the tips invisible" comment. That would have been hilarious!! :)