Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, Hello There Blog. . .

I seriously WILL get better at this, I SWEAR! There will come a time when I will update my blog at least. . . TWICE or. . . THREE times a week! It's gonna happen, just you wait and see!

Anywho, I thought I'd share my other New Year's Resolutions (even if it is already have through January already)! My philosophy is that it's NEVER too late to start setting and working on goals!

1.) GUITAR: I've decided this year that I will finally take up an instrument and learn how to play!

2.) Feel Cute Every Day: whether in pjs or Vogue worthy ensemble, I should always strive for confidence!

3.) Blog More. . . . I got this guys

4.) Get Out More: And I mean literally. . . like, go outside and breath fresh air for more than two seconds (at least)!

5.) Smile More: 

6.) Love More:

7.) Sing More:

8.) Dance More:

9.) Care. .  LESS about what others think:

And Last But Certainly Not Least: 

10.) Learn to BEATBOX!

Okay! Okay! Just kidding 'bout that last one. . . . kinda

Stay Fabulous Everyone!


1 comment:

  1. You have the best resolutions ever! :] And the best pictures to go with them! We both need to work on the blogging more thing together!! I've been failing lately! Also, I absolutely ADORE your outfit in that first picture! I need to see pictures of ALL your outfits because they are AMAZING! And I need to copy them! Woot! WOot!