Monday, April 2, 2012

Old + Old = NEW!

This is going to be a quick tutorial/walk through on how i took an old white T-shirt and a hole-y skirt and turned into a new piece for my wardrobe!!

Here are the two old pieces that I altered:

1.) i first cut off the sleeves of the shirt as close to the lining as possible:

2.) Then i measured the length of the cut in the sleeves. I then folded my skirt and cut diagonally the pieces that will be the sleeves (i cut them two to three inches longer than the original cut).

3.) Then i pinned where i won't the sleeves to be sewn and sewed them as close to the edge as possible.

4.) And. . . .  Voila! The finished look! Note that i did add a little material to the pocket to give that extra kick and flare!

- Loverly  :)


  1. That's really cool! I want to try it!


  2. So so cute!! And I would never think of this but now I want to do it to a ton of shirts!!

  3. I'm going to punch you for being so amazing.

    Love you.